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recumbent bike

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Sylvio in front of the substation near the animal clinic

The first experience on a recumbent bike is very different. Some sit down on it and move off, as if they were never driven on a different bicycle, because recumbents are today professional vehicles with enhanced driveability.

Others need a little time before they have become accustomed to sit back and put the feet up.
Additionally, you only need a healthy poise: Prying eyes and comments are unavoidable. But the relaxed driving and fascinating ride provide coolness. And anyone who thrilled for recumbent, rarely get rid of it.

at the Leipzig velodrom to the recumbent event 2006

here on the velodrom you can see the difference of long/short recumbent and top/below handlebar

And so succeeds the first test:

with recumbent in Finowfurt
  • select a traffic-free downhill road;
  • tried the brakes during standstill, in order to come to a halt at any time;
  • then lift your legs slightly from the ground, but under no circumstances up to the pedals;
  • and then easy roll down the hill - that works always;
  • oh: don't try curves or similar actions, the first training is only for balance;
  • push back is no shame - perfect;
  • afterwards you can sit back, put up your feet and drive a cool curve. At that you will experience, with a recumbent bike you don't fall down deep!
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