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Locations and Events

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What we have seen and experienced!
We want to share some of it here:

  • Pictures from far away, we remember it like yesterday,
  • and a reference to the "limits of growth", so we do not go blindly into the future.



The first time Africa... heat, hotel, beach, carpet dealers, crocodile farm, pirates.

Some pictures recall this holiday.



My first commitment in China led me to Yuanyang, a small town in Henan province.

There I found the opportunity, to take a trip to the Shaolin monastery on a free Sunday.



You will find excellent information and descriptions on the web concerning the Swedish capital.
Therefore, I will limit myself here to the summary of some personal experiences.

The Limits
to Growth

The study of the Club of Rome about humanity’s uncertain future is placed in my bookshelf.

You should notice, that the future we're building today, is far away from what we dream of for our children.

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