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Club of Rome 1972: "The Limits to Growth".
public welfare economy An economic model for the future.
Alliance for the Future Alliance for the Future With the founding of the party "alliance for the future", we intend to consistent implementation of urgently needed reforms. These are the base for a stable development of our society:
  • Security and stability through solidarity of all people in a division of labor economy!
  • Control of global markets for the benefit of the regional economy!
  • Medical and technological progress for the benefit of all people! Campaigns for an active democracy. We develop social, ecological, and democratic alternatives so as to guarantee fundamental rights for all - oppose neo-liberal globalization. differently living better
The name says it all and stands for a change in personal lifestyle toward sustainability and future.
anders wachsen Initiative "alternative grow":
Economy needs alternatives to growth.

We already begun.

FUTURZWEI is not a network or a community, but a charitable foundation, invest her resources for the project of a sustainable, grandson suitable society. (+ cool german website!)
Fair-Trade-Fuel-project Cultivation of jatropha bush to combating desertification and for the production of oil for fuel.
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