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ADFC bicycle The club supports the environmentally friendly and sustainable traffic by bicycle.
We are using the bicycle whenever it's possible and can only commend!
The ADFC in Saxony ADFC has also an own page.
And also the local group in Leipzig.


human powered vehicles Simple have a look (at recumbents)!
Bett & Bike

bike-friendly accommodations

This register contains (almost) all bicycle-friendly accommodations in Germany.

- der Fahrradladen

Bicycle shop located next corner from our home:
"Stangenware und industriell gefertigte Räder sind unsere Sache nicht. Wir legen großen Wert auf Qualität und Ästhetik der von uns angebotenen Fahrräder. Räder mit Stahlrahmen haben sich seit über 100 Jahren millionenfach bewährt, wir sehen keine Veranlassung, an der klassischen Anmutung und Geometrie etwas zu ändern."


Nextbike offers rental bicycles in many German cities by phone call. A total of 500 nextbike-Bikes are situated at many locations in the city of Leipzig.
Katrins guitar The journal PRINCE says about the new album: "Katrin's guitar is one of the most promising newcomers in the Ruhr region. Her new album 'Sommer und Winter' prances elated between dreamy serenity and gentle melancholy.

Zeitschrift kritischer Christen Journal of critical Christians
There are what is lacking elsewhere: critical words about politics, economics, church - visions of the future, profound reports ...
Bethanienkirche Leipzig

parish in Leipzig-Schleußig In addition to the current dates for Sunday worship, concerts and events there is presented the complete history of this church.
Lindenauer cafe in the church Ecumenical meeting center for all ages, with regular cultural events.
Internet diocese Partenia Partenia - diocese without borders by Jacques Gaillot.
critical consumption The BDKJ (Confederation of German Catholic Youth) informs about the consequences of our Consumer behavior - and how to do it better.
Eine Welt e.V. Leipzig One world Leipzig association -
Education and fair trade products.

Apprenticeship in Großräschen

That's something for insiders: "Facharbeiter für Anlagentechnik" year 1981... and a tribute to work and production, which no longer exists today.
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