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well investments

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Whenever some money is left, there is no time to look for the suitable investment. So it will be utilized as always: at an ordinary bank or at a super special investment offer.

Stop! This is dangerous!

Will be financed by this money weapons or pollution?

Where is the risk diversification by distribution on several banks?

Why should the money not additionally operate to help Others?

Here follow a few links concerning "ethical" investment in Germany.
You do not get automatically lower interest rates, often consists also the choice between normal and reduced interest.
These banks follow clear guidelines who gets money and who not. Depending on personal goals, you can choose the right partner. Have a look at just a few of the possibilities:

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GLS-Gemeinschaftsbank The GLS Bank in Bochum is the oldest and largest ethical bank in Germany.
Umweltbank As the name suggests, the Umweltbank Nürnberg is specialized in environmental investment. Typical are investments in wind farms, ecological renovation and green funds.
Ethikbank The EthikBank Eisenberg is a relatively new financial institution. It put into effect strict inclusion and exclusion criteria.
Giving What We Can The English philosopher Toby Ord giving away the money, that can help others more than himself. Giving What We Can is an international society dedicated to eliminating poverty in the developing world.
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