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recumbent bike

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children recumbent crosses the seesaw

Children on a recumbent bike?

There exists children recumbents, but rarely. They need a way to resize, because different body lengths need different distances to the pedals. This is achieved usually by sliding the seat shell.
Therefore you will often find self constructed recumbents for childs. Commercial products are usually for the relatively short usage to expensive.

- on a Scorpion with adult length Severin and Marvin have to stretch quite

at what you don't think immediately:

  • The vehicle widened noticeably with an below handlebar. All over the (fast) passing of bollards need practise.
  • Little wheels with small tires have best rolling characteristics on smooth routes. But they quickly loses traction when wet, slush, in a curve or on a forest path.
  • Of course all recumbents may be parked in the rain, but it is recommendable to cover at least the seat shell.
recumbent shadow on winter lawn
recumbent event in Leipzig 2006


Recumbent bike riding makes even more fun together with like-minded people. In several cities of Germany (and elsewhere all over the world) exist groups, who come together for excursions or other activities. You can easily find active people of your city by internet, or go to one of the annually taking place recumbent meetings.
For the entry is recommended at least a trial tour, but scarcely a dealer provide a recumbent therefor. It is better to participate in a recumbent excursion with the "normal" bicycle. There you will find someone to exchange the bike for a (suitable) part of the trail.

Elberadweg at Wörlitzer Park

break on Elberadweg
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