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recumbent bike

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There are various types of construction:

long recumbents

Like the patent from 1901 shows, recumbents are certainly not a newfangled invention.
On the long recumbent the front wheel is positioned before the crankset. The bike wins quietness and straight-line stability - at the expense of agility.

Harold Jarvis long recumbent, patent (1901)

short recumbent

There I can say something ;-)
If the front wheel is arranged behind the crankset, leads the shorter wheeldistance at a significantly smaller turning radius.
"Is this healthy for your back?" am I often asked. Sure, a better support doesn't exist, which bike else offers a backrest?! And the small wheels are also fully suspended.

recumbent on highway A38 on sea Cospuden


To achieve the best aerodynamics, choose a possible low seating position and a small top handlebar. Such a speed bike prefers smooth asphalt and the racecourse.

lowrider at the Leipzig velodrome

front wheel traction,
center steering

Between this classifications exist a diversity of technical solutions.
Thus the long chain can be replaced by a front-wheel drive, there is no need of a pulley and a chain guard - the bike will become lighter.
Also the center steering represent a simple design and allows you to ride free-hands.

recumbent with center steering


That's funny - and it will not tip!
But on the other hand you must stand up and lift up the trike manually over a bollard.
By the way, the "streamer" is also available for bikes.

Severin on the Scorpion
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