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Turning away from economic growth creates new opportunities: for growth in culture, faith, time, knowledge, relationship, creativity, volunteering, fairness, preservation of Creation.
Where we really want to grow?
Walter Lechner, pastor

Rome +39C

Over one million people lived in Rome at start of the common era. Some lived in splendid mansions, they had water pipes, buildings from cement.
At this time people in Germany lived in small villages and wooden cottages. This extrem unsimultaneous development is inconceivable. Even more the following history:
The population of Rome shrinks at 20000 people while the middle ages, cement was forgotten, in lack of iron the people plundered the iron reinforcement of the colosseo.
Like 2000 years ago it has been never again. Today in and around Rome exists barly industry, but only administrations and tourism. And the Vatican, but this is a separate state.
Every stone tells more then one story: first placed into the colosseo and later build into St. Peter's basilica... pillars pick up from the dilapidated Hadrian's mansion for a representativ building elsewhere... or pillars collect up around for a new basilica. Sometimes the stones simple were integreted into a new building.

But every guest has own interest. I will promote the advice of travel guides, to stay relaxed and find a small personal collection of attractions. To see everything would need years and processing a top 1000 list from the beginning is senseless.
There exists many beautiful views across the city, fascinating by day and night. I like the Via Appia - road construction 2000 years ago. By bicycle, of course! Dangerous not at all. Romans are temperamentally and fast become loud, but they don't drive aggressiv.
However it will be dangerous, to come home again and cross the street during red traffic lights ;-)

Endless history - what are you interested? Ask me for best places!


locally & sustainable

"Doesn't it exist locally?"

For us, the regional store is placed around the corner and the organic grocery store is in the next road.
You can also get fabricated a bicycle in Leipzig, at least look for a national product.
Living nearby the working place make sense - normally a self-evidence.
And cool would be the own city as a vacation spot, where all that could be done or let, for what I otherwise don't have a chance.


Rome - Colosseo

summer 2016